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Don has today added his support to Macmillan Cancer Relief’s ‘Better Deal’ campaign by backing a Parliamentary Motion calling on the Government to make access to the benefits system fairer for cancer patients.

Main ImageMacmillan launched the campaign because cancer patients have told them that they suffer financial hardship as a result of having cancer. Many cancer patients claim that money worries are second only to pain as a cause of stress. More than three quarters of people surveyed by the leading cancer care charity said that they ran up extra bills for things like travel for treatment, hospital car parking, higher heating bills and new clothes because of weight change.

EDM 99 calls on Government to:

1) Ensure every cancer patient is offered specialist benefits advice at diagnosis

2) Change the law to improve cancer patients’ access to Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Attendance Allowance (AA) by

By simply waiving the rule that requires people to wait up to six months to claim these benefits, the government would help thousands of cancer patients whose treatment can mean costs increase very quickly after diagnosis and often just as their income falls.

Commenting, Don said:

“Having made a full recoverery from Cancer myself, I was delighted to sign a parliamentary petition supporting Macmillan Cancer Relief’s ‘Better Deal’ campaign.

“It is vital that we address this issue urgently to ensure that cancer patients have access to the information and financial support that they are entitled to.

“A cancer diagnosis can be devastating enough, without the added worry of financial hardship. It is imperative that we work together to get a better deal for people dealing with cancer and stop cancer spreading to people’s finances”.


EDM 99

Macmillan Cancer Relief’s ‘Better Deal’ Campaign

That this House congratulates Macmillan Cancer Relief on the successful launch of its exciting new Better Deal campaign to get a better deal for people dealing with cancer, especially from the benefits system; notes that three quarters of people surveyed by Macmillan who have had a cancer diagnosis say they suffered financially as a result; further notes that, for some people affected by cancer, money worries are second only to pain as a cause of stress; welcomes Macmillan's resolve to champion these issues and campaign with people struggling to meet the unexpected extra costs resulting from the debilitating effects of treatment, including travel to hospital, hospital car parking and higher heating bills; supports Macmillan's call for the Government to ensure that every cancer patient is offered specialist benefits and advice at diagnosis and to change the law to improve cancer patients' access to disability living allowance (DLA) and attendance allowance (AA); and calls on the Government to stop cancer spreading to people's finances and to act urgently to ensure that the DLA and AA schemes are fast, fit for purpose and fair for people dealing with cancer.

This article published: 08/12/2023

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