Commenting on the Government’s announcement of concessions over its decision to abolish the 10p tax rate, Don said:

“Gordon Brown’s tax changes are now in total disarray.

"In a last-gasp attempt to appease its own backbenchers, the Government has cobbled together a set of half promises which will not even be properly revealed for another seven months.

"The fact remains that 5.2 million people are already worse off as a result of a cynical decision to punish the poor in order to grab some easy headlines.

"A number of residents have contacted me to tell me how this is going to affect them personally including pensioners and those working in the tourism and leisure sector, who make a valuable contribution to Bath's local economy.

"People who have just seen their tax rates doubled are unlikely to be comforted by the reassurance that the Government is going to tinker with an overly complex and failing tax credit system, which people under 25 aren't even entitled to."