Don Foster MP joins post office staff and local residents to celebrate Bear Flat post office remaining open

With the news that Lower Weston and Bear Flat post offices are to be reprieved from closure, Don Foster MP reacted to the decision from Post Office Ltd.

Commenting, Don said, “I am absolutely delighted to learn that these two branches are to remain open. Common sense has prevailed within the Post Office, and I am pleased that the consultation process has been meaningful.

“We highlighted the issues surrounding the most elderly and vulnerable residents, and also the new Weston Riverside development which was clearly effecting business levels at Lower Weston. But these are victories for local people. Thousands signed our petition, and I know that many residents and local businesses wrote in to the consultation team themselves. Their efforts have been rewarded.

“Of course, we must now look at the situation at Claremont and Bathford and how we are able to help the residents who have lost their service.”

Cllr Nigel Roberts, who is on the Enterprise and Economic Development Overview & Scrutiny Panel which discussed the Post Office closures, said, “I am delighted for the two communities who have fought so hard to keep their service.

“The local post office is a very important part of a vibrant local community; this will be great news for local businesses in these areas. We have seen areas where local shops have suffered massively when the local post office closes. This decision is great news for the wider community.”

On the government’s policy on Post Offices, Don Foster MP said, “While we are enjoying seemingly unparalleled success here in Bath, let us remember that we have still lost 2 offices, and by the time this round finishes Labour will have closed 7,000 nationally. The Conservatives before them closed 3,000.