Don Foster MP joins staff and local residents to celebrate the saving of Lower Weston post office

Commenting on today’s announcement that the Southgate post office has been nominated for closure by Post Office Ltd, Bath MP Don Foster said,

“I’m disappointed, but not surprised, to learn of this announcement. After our great achievement in saving 2 of 4 branches from closure in Bath I was expecting the Post Office to nominate another office for closure.

“The Government’s policy to force through these closures means that we are likely to be forever chasing the threat of a further closure around Bath. It continues to show that the Government are not interested in the value of post offices to communities.

“I will fight to keep this service, especially with the number of new businesses going into the new Southgate development. I will want to know how the Post Office plans to deal with this development, which will generate a huge amount of business for them.

“We have already demonstrated the devastating effect that the closure of the post office has on the people that live in the area. The closure program is just an exercise in saving money and does not take into account the needs of residents."

Kingsmead Councillor Andy Furse mentioned his surprise at the decision in light of a recent closure in his ward, “When Charles Street post office closed, residents in its catchment area were told to use Southgate. Would the Charles Street closure have gone ahead if Southgate were also up for closure?”