Don Foster at the local airport.

Successful local campaigning, led by Bath MP Don Foster, has resulted in a significant drop in the number of flight paths over Bath, used by planes travelling to and from Bristol International Airport.

But one of the initiatives promised by the airport to help “police” the new measures has still not been installed. A “tracker system” - designed to enable the airport authorities to track and record the precise flight path of all planes - is still not in operation.

Don commented, “Even the new arrangements mean some planes will, from time to time, fly over Bath. However, we need to have a system in place which ensures any planes which should not be over Bath can be identified and, where there is no good reason, the airline penalised.”

“Bristol International Airport has admitted to me that the installation of Tracker has been frustratingly slow, but I have now received assurances that the problems which have caused the delay have now been resolved and installation can go ahead. I will continue to press the airport to make sure that this system is functioning as soon as possible.”

“Once in place it is my understanding that local residents will be able to view on-line a log of all flights, so that they too can question any apparently rogue flights over the city.”