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Local Issues A Tzar Too Far
Don Foster MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Transport Secretary, recently responded to the Transport Secretary’s announcement of a ‘congestion Tzar’.

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Road Congestion Costs Billions
Don Foster MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Transport Secretary, commenting on a report showing that road congestion is the worst ever, said "road congestion costs businesses £15-20 billion pounds a year.

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Rail Accident Investigation Department Needed To Reassure Travelling Public
Don Foster MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Transport Secretary, commenting on forthcoming transport legislation from today’s Queen’s Speech, said:

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No more late nights for Don Foster MP…?
In a grand irony, the Government timetabled a debate on how to modernise the House of Commons to begin at 10 pm. Votes were expected as late as 2 am.

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Don questions the DPM over fire strikes
In a recent parliamentary debate, Don questioned the Deputy Prime Minister about public safety during any potential fire brigade strike.

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More Pay Through Co-Operation, Not Through Striking
Don Foster MP, Liberal Democrat former Local Government Spokesman, commenting on the Fire Brigades’ Union (FBU) strike ballot result, said…

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