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Bath MP, Don Foster, has urged Bath residents to unite behind British Troops in the impending War with Iraq.

Main ImageDon said,

“Last Tuesday night my Liberal Democrat colleagues and I voted against the government.

“Whilst being bitterly disappointed at the result, the House of Commons has now voted. There is no question where our duty should lie.

“What matters now is to hope for a swift mission with the minimum loss of life on both sides, and to give full support to our troops who always perform their duty with great courage and skill.

“It should be clear that raising concerns over the political decisions that lie behind military action does not diminish our support for the men and women that might lay down their lives in any conflict.

“The consequences of war are always grave, in terms of the humanitarian crisis that may follow, and the effects on the whole of the Middle East.

“My Lib Dem colleagues and I will continue to ask questions about the preparations for immediate humanitarian needs in Iraq and Allied plans for its long-term reconstruction.


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