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Don Presents Petition To Save Local Pharmacies
Don Foster, MP for Bath, today joined with Liberal Democrat colleagues in presenting to the Department of Trade and Industry petitions from local pharmacists and constituents calling for their local pharmacies to be saved. Many local people have been concerned about the future of their local pharmacy in light of recommendations put forward by the Office of Fair Trading in January to deregulate the pharmacy market.

Main ImageCommenting on the petitions Don Foster said,

“I have been overwhelmed by the level of response from local residents and pharmacists in Bath. I have received well over 7,500 signatures to date, and this shows the level of concern that exists locally, and the vital service that pharmacies provide in the community.”

“Although the Government recently signalled that it was unlikely to accept the recommendations of the OFT, which could jeopardise the future of 6,000 community pharmacies, the fact that it is not going to issue its proposals until the summer means that the livelihood of local pharmacies is still hanging in the balance.”

“Along with my other Liberal Democrat colleagues I will continue to keep the pressure on the Government until they can assure us that they will not ignore the concerns of local people; who after all are the ones actually relying on the service provided by the local pharmacy and the ones who will suffer if it closes.”

Don Foster concluded,

“I would like to thank the constituents and local pharmacies that have taken the time to sign petitions and write to me on this very important issue, and I urge them to carry on informing me of their views.”


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