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Council Tax Devours A Fifth Of Pensioners Incomes
Don Foster MP has condemned the Government for allowing Council Tax to hit pensioners harder and harder.

Main ImageNew figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats show that Council Tax today accounts for more than a fifth of the basic state pension.

“Year on year increases of Council Tax, compared to state pension increases of barely more than inflation, have eaten away into pensioners’ incomes. Today it accounts for 22.5% of the pension - 5% higher than in 1997,” said Don.

“Council Tax, which was rushed in by the Tories after the failure of their disastrous Poll Tax, has now been made worse under Labour – and it has become a nightmare for many poorer pensioners

“Unless action is taken this dreadful situation will get worse.

“The Liberal Democrats would axe the tax. We have long called for Council Tax to go, and pensioners would be amongst the first to benefit from our campaign for a fair tax, related to ability to pay.

“For pensioners, and for the poorest in our society axing the tax is the only fair thing to do.”


Notes to Editors follow.

Notes to Editors

Average net council tax per dwelling as a percentage of full basic state pension.

2001–2002 :19.7
2002–2003: 20.5
2003–2004: 22.5

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