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More Traffic Is Even More Time Wasted For British Drivers
Bath's MP, Don Foster, who is Liberal Democrat Transport Secretary has described the rise in traffic levels in Britain as being "Simply Unacceptable!"

Main ImageLiberal Democrat analysis of new data released by the Department for Transport today show that British cars covered 500 million more miles in the first three months of 2003 than in the same three months in 2002. This means that there were almost 14 billion more miles travelled by car over the last financial year than when Labour came into power in 1997.

Responding to these figures Mr Foster said:

"Progress with the Government's 10 Year Transport Plan is as slow as the traffic on our roads. More cars on our roads is unacceptable for our drivers and appalling for the environment.

"Increased traffic means more time stuck on congested roads for British drivers.

"Alistair Darling has made no real attempt to tackle the unrelenting growth of traffic in Britain."


Notes to Editors

Traffic in Great Britain - 1st Quarter 2003 was published today. It showed

Car traffic levels rose by an estimated 1 per cent compared with the first quarter of 2002 to the same period of 2003.

Liberal Democrat Calculations from this data (compared with earlier figures) shows that:

(1) There was an increase of 5 billion car miles from the financial year April 2001-March 2002 compared with April 2002-March 2003, a rise of 2 percent.

(2) According to the most recent figures there are 23.9m cars on our roads. Each car therefore is travelling 586 more miles every year now than when Labour came to power.

(3) The total length of British roads is 186,000 miles. This means that with 14 billion extra car kilometres in the last year than in 1997, this means that this extra car traffic each year is the equivalent of every stretch of road being driven over an additional 75,269 times every year - the equivalent, on average, of 206 more cars driving on each an every stretch of road each day.

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