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On Your Powabyke
Baths' MP, Don Foster, who is also Lib Dem Shadow Transport Secretary, stole the show in the Parliamentary Bike Ride, when MPs and peers from all political parties cycled across London to work at the Houses of Parliament, as part of Bike Week 2003.

Main ImageDon said,

"Not only did this provide the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of cycling in terms of improved health, less congestion and a better environment, it also gave me a chance to show off an excellent new Powabyke from this rapidly growing Bath based company."

Powabyke is an electrically rechargeable power assisted bicycle capable of speeds of up to 15mph, within a 35 mile range on maximum charge of up to 8 hours. It can be used with full power assistance, partial power assistance or just pedal power.

It requires no tax, no licence and no insurance and even parking is free!
Running costs are less than 1.5 pence per mile.

In previous years Don has ridden a Brompton fold up bicycle.

The event was organised by the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG), one of the largest cross party groups in Parliament.

The charity partners for Bike Week are Cancer Research UK, highlighting the importance of regular exercise in preventing cancer.


Photographs from this event

Notes to Editors

* Further details of Bikeweek 2003 can be obtained from the website:

* Further details of Powabyke can be obtained from the website:

Over 15,000 Powabykes are on the UK roads already and are providing practical and inexpensive transport solutions.

A recent survey of Powabyke owners showed that the average Powabyke user covered 1,200 miles per annum, replaced 3 car journeys per week, provided a journey time faster than a bus, and cost less than 1.5p per mile to run.

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