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Commenting on the situation in Iraq, Don said:

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“Whilst no one can deny that Saddam Hussein was a cruel dictator and a threat to the regions stability, my view remains that the way in which we joined the US to invade Iraq was wrong.

“It is important to remember that the case that was made to the country by Tony Blair, was not one for removing a tyrant or for improving the lives of the Iraqi people; but one based on a threat to the UK from weapons of mass destruction.

“Had the former been the case, the response from the country may well have been different, but there are many more tyrants in the world guilty of equally atrocious human rights abuses – Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe for instance.

“We are all still waiting for the vindication of the seriously grave claims made by the Government in this respect – and it seems more and more likely that we will continue to wait.

“I was adamant that we should have waited for a consensus from the United Nations, and for the Weapons Inspectors to have been given time to fully investigate the matter.

“What is important now however, is to ensure that Iraq is stabilised and rebuilt quickly and with the full involvement of the Iraqi people and the United Nations. It is also important that revenue gained from Iraq’s natural resources, is retained by the Iraqi people, and not exploited by the invading forces

“I, like most people, welcome Saddam’s removal, and hope that Iraq and the world will be a better place without him.”


This article published: 18/12/2023

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