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Tory Report Would Pull the Plug on the BBC

Don has slammed a Tory report which seeks to end the BBC as we know it.

The report, from a group headed by ex-BSkyB and Channel 5 executive David Elstein, was commissioned by the Conservative Party and recommends that the licence fee should be scrapped and the BBC governors abolished.

Commenting, Don said:

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"If Howard backs the Elstein report, Thatcher would finally get her way, and the Tories would at last support pulling the plug on the BBC.

"Despite its much-discussed recent mistakes, the BBC has always set standards for others around the world to follow.

"The BBC has been a huge supporter of arts, a university of broadcasting talent and a leader in pioneering technological development in broadcasting and on the internet.

“Were the BBC to become semi-privatised, as the Elstein Report suggests, all this and more would be put in jeopardy.

"The abolition of the licence fee in other countries, such as New Zealand and America, has shown the crucial role of public service broadcasting diminish rapidly.

"It's reported that two panel members have already disowned the report. Michael Howard may be tempted to axe the BBC to fill the black hole in Oliver Letwin's finances, but it's time now he too disowned its recommendations for the sake our broadcasting future."


This article published: 24/02/2024

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