Don Foster MP*


Launching a fierce attack on the Conservative Party, Bath’s MP, Don Foster, has described the party’s efforts at opposition as ‘worse than ever’.

“The events of this week have proved the Tories are in chaos!” said Don,

“We’ve had so many u-turns they’re making us dizzy – no one knows where they stand on anything!

Main Image“The end of last week saw a u-turn on top-up fees, with Tory MPs refusing to vote against the bill in its crucial committee stage; then yesterday, not only did Michael Howard back track out of the Butler Inquiry (even though he seems to have forgotten to tell the MP involved, who’s going to stay right where he is), they also achieved a monumental u-turn and voted with the government to deprive children seeking asylum of benefits, something they criticised only a few months ago!”

“All this spinning about is letting the government off the hook – at a time when they should be held firmly to account.”

“As usual, it’s left to the Liberal Democrats to be the effective opposition.”


This article published: 02/03/2024

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