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Don today challenged the ECB to cancel its planned tour of Zimbabwe, after receiving a reply from Sports Minister Richard Caborn, to a Parliamentary question, confirming that the tour would proceed in defiance of Government, Liberal Democrat and Conservative opposition.

Main ImageMr Caborn wrote:

"The decision to tour in Zimbabwe is entirely a matter for the ECB. There are no powers for the Government to intervene in any way. However, because of the deteriorating political and human rights situation in the country, I do not support the tour, in the same way that I would not support any activity capable of being used by the Mugabe regime for propaganda purposes."

Responding to the letter, Mr Foster said:

Ive received countless letters from constituents concerned about the human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, and Im adamant that no support, in any shape or form, should be given to Mugabe.

"The reply I received from the government makes it clear that they disapprove of this tour. This amounts as near to a directive as the Government can give within our democratic system. The ECB should respond to it as such.

"A high profile tour simply cannot be contemplated at a time when the international community is seeking to isolate Zimbabwe and force an end to the tyranny that has driven people to starvation and led to appalling abuses of human rights.

"I understand the ICC are discussing this at their meeting next week. The ECB should make it clear that it has no option but to abandon its plans."


This article published: 08/03/2024

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