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“Disgraceful!” is how Don summed up the fact this Government is presiding over the worst ever decline in manufacturing, according to new official figures released by the Liberal Democrats.

The news comes as a Trade Union Congress report says that 750,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost since Labour came to power.

Main ImageAccording to official figures manufacturing jobs have hit the lowest point since records begain in 1978. Today's figures from the Office for National Statistics show that manufacturing jobs have halved since 1978. (From 6,892,000 manufacturing jobs in 1978 to 3,371,000 in 2004).

Commenting, Don said:

"For all the Government's crowing on employment, the manufacturing industry in Britain is collapsing.

"More must be done to help the real economy of our towns and rural areas. Small-scale factory closures can have the same detrimental effect on the local community as the high-profile collapses that make news headlines.

"While manufacturing jobs haemorrhage, Gordon Brown twiddles his thumbs."


Notes to Editors:

1. Figures compiled by the House of Commons Library and commissioned by the Liberal Democrats. The records as set out in Table 6 of the ONS First Release Labour Market Statistics date back to June 1978.

Manufacturing industry employee jobs
UK, seasonally adjusted
Jun-78 6,892
Jun-79 6,863
Jun-80 6,558
Jun-81 5,882
Jun-82 5,548
Jun-83 5,232
Jun-84 5,123
Jun-85 5,072
Jun-86 4,948
Jun-87 4,881
Jun-88 4,918
Jun-89 4,906
Jun-90 4,797
Jun-91 4,379
Jun-92 4,147
Jun-93 3,952
Jun-94 3,968
Jun-95 4,072
Jun-96 4,138
Jun-97 4,191
Jun-98 4,209
Jun-99 4,060
Jun-00 3,960
Jun-01 3,808
Jun-02 3,628
Jun-03 3,458
Apr-04 3,371

Source: Office for National Statistics, Labour Market Statistics Historical Supplement, Table 6

This article published: 07/07/2023

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