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Don has today continued his campaign against the Government’s continuing failure to address the public concern about Mobile Phone Masts, by backing to an important Parliamentary Motion. Commenting Don said:

“People are becoming exasperated with the continuing failure of the Government to get to grips with Mobile Phone Masts. They’re feeling left in the dark about the uncertainty over possible health worries, and completely isolated from the ridiculous planning system.

Main Image“These issues have to be addressed, and this Motion is all about piling on the pressure.

“An influential Parliamentary committee, headed by my Lib Dem colleague, Phill Willis MP, recently undertook a detailed investigation into the matter and produced a wide ranging report with 19 significant recommendations - but the Government has largely ignored it. That’s a smack in the teeth to everyone whose concened.”

The text of the EDM is as follows:

“That this House acknowledges the benefits that mobile communications bring; but recognises the high level of concern in many communities regarding mobile phone masts particularly near schools; welcomes the independent report published by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mobile Communications following submissions of written and oral evidence from key stakeholders; calls on the Government to implement in full the 19 recommendations made in the Report, in particular the recommendations previously made by Sir William Stewart that permitted development rights be revoked for the erection of all base stations; and in order to increase confidence in the planning system calls on the Government to revise PPG8 and to make a statement about improved consultation on pre-development and pre-application proposals for telecommunications installations.”


This article published: 25/11/2023

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