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Bath’s MP, Don Foster recently renewed his support for the work of cancer care charity Macmillan Cancer Relief at the charity's drop-in surgery for MPs at the House of Commons.

Main ImageCommenting, Don explained

"I was delighted to meet Macmillan's Central and South West England team and find out more about Macmillan's work helping people with cancer in my constituency. Most of us have heard of Macmillan nurses, but the charity helps fund many other cancer care services including cancer treatment and information centres, health professionals like speech and language therapists, and carers' schemes to support the family and friends looking after a loved one.

"We also discussed the findings of the charity's recent research into the financial difficulties that cancer can cause, because of the extra, unexpected, costs that people with cancer incur. I'm very pleased to help draw awareness to this important issue and ask people with cancer who are worried about money to call Macmillan's campaign line on 0808 500 800 or discuss it with their doctor, nurse, or local Citizen's Advice Bureau."

In 2003, Macmillan's CancerVOICES survey found that 77 per cent of all patients that their cancer led to financial difficulties as a result of the extra costs they incurred at a time when their income was going down. In response to these staggering figures, Macmillan Cancer Relief launched the Better Deal campaign to get a better financial deal for people dealing with cancer. The 'Better Deal' campaign exposes the huge problem of financial hardship, raises awareness of the help available to cancer patients and calls on the Government to make access to benefits easier. At the moment, the benefits system is a complicated maze and cancer patients can find it hard to make a claim and to get financial support when they need it most.

Other recent campaigns by Macmillan include "Get It Spent Where It's Meant", which is calling on the government to respond to a survey showing a lack of transparency in cancer spending, widespread inconsistencies in how the money is allocated and tracked, poor investment in cancer services that improve the patient's experience and inadequate provision for patient involvement.


Macmillan's Better Deal Campaign

1. Macmillan's CancerVOICES survey (2003) found that 77 per cent of all patients incurred extra expenses as a result of their cancer diagnosis. Launched in October 2000, CancerVOICES is a network of people affected by cancer who are helping to shape the future of cancer care across the UK, supported by Macmillan.

2. Quinn,A, Macmillan Cancer Relief Study into the Benefits Advice for People with Cancer, University of Reading (June 2002).

3. Macmillan's The Unclaimed Millions report (June 2004) found that more than half of all terminally ill cancer patients (83,000) do not claim the DLA/AA they are entitled to. This equates to £126.5 million of disability benefits that is going unclaimed.

4. Macmillan provides grants for people to help with practical needs. In 2003, Macmillan distributed over £5.5 million in grants to almost 15,000 people with cancer.

This article published: 26/01/2024

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