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£5 Billion wasted in Iraq black hole

Commenting on figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats which show that around £24 million is being spent every day on combat and peacekeeping operations in Iraq, City MP Don Foster said:

“What more evidence does the Government need to make them realise that the current situation in Iraq cannot continue?

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"Quite apart from the human cost, the continuing and open-ended occupation of Iraq is contributing to a large black hole in the Ministry of Defence's budget.

"Many British troops are currently struggling without proper equipment because of the pressure on resources.

"Total spending on Iraq is due to hit £5 billion on 5th April. What is worse is that this figure only represents MOD spending and does not take into account the cost of reconstruction.

"Given that many people were seriously opposed to this war in the first place, the Government must accept that the time has come for British troops to make a controlled exit from Iraq."


This article published: 31/01/2024

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