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Bath MP, Don Foster is piling pressure on the Government to extend winter fuel payments to disabled people.

Main ImageThose over the age of sixty can claim a winter fuel allowance of £200 a year (£200 per household if one member is over 60).

However, there are one million people with disabilities under the age of sixty who are not eligible for this payment. The Liberal Democrats are committed to extending winter fuel payments to people with disabilities .

The re-iteration of Liberal Democrat policy is already supported by many disabilities charities, and coincides with the Minister for Disabled People, Maria Eagle’s refusal to change government policy in a letter to Disability Now Magazine.

Maria Eagle believes that disabled people should use the Care or Mobility component of their Disability Living Allowance to pay for additional fuel.

Paul Holmes said, “This solution is completely unacceptable, Care and Mobility benefits are given to target specific financial needs”

“This is a question of dignity, and essential to the basic comfort of the one million potential beneficiaries, and would cost a negligible £195 million. Those who are immobilised due to disability usually feel the cold more than others, especially as the vast majority are not in work, where their heating would be provided. Heating is essential for the therapy required by a number of disabling ailments, just as many (such as incontinence, night sweats and dermatological conditions) produce an added need for hot water.”

Notes to Editors follow

This is defined as a) those eligible for higher rate mobility, which includes those who:
1] cannot walk, or
2] are virtually unable to walk
3] have amputations at or above the ankle, or were born without legs
4] are deaf/blind and need help out and about
5] have mental or behavioural problems and are in receipt of the higher rate care component as a result.
b) higher rate care component need help day and night
c) middle rate care component need help day or night
[Information supplied by the DSS]

This article published: 18/09/2023

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