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Don backs bullying campaign

Don has signed a Commons Motion against bullying.

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Research by the Education and Skills Committee has found that bullying can result in pupils failing to achieve their full potential and even self-harm.  Over a third of children who miss lessons do so because they are being bullied. 

The charity Beatbullying recently launched its 4QuidAKid campaign which proposes that 4 is spent per child to initiate proven anti-bullying schemes into every school in England. The Liberal Democrats were the first political party to sign up to the campaign.

Commenting, Don said:

"Bullying in any form must not be tolerated.  Every child should be given the opportunity of a good education, free from prejudice and harassment. 

"I firmly believe that education is fundamental in creating a level playing field in society and this can be achieved if we remove bullying from our schools.

"I deplore the unacceptable levels of physical, psychological, racist, special educational needs-related, homophobic, cyber and faith based bullying of young people in the UK.

"I fully support Beatbullying's campaign and the Lib Dems will continue to urge the Government to ensure that teachers, pupils and parents are equipped with the skills and confidence to root out and tackle all forms of bullying."




This article published: 20/04/2023

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