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RUH gets Seven Star rating in Good Hospital Guide.

Bath MP Don Foster, commenting on the ‘Good Hospital Guide’, published in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday, said:

Main Image“Congratulations should go to the somewhat beleaguered staff at the RUH. This annual report comes from an impartial source, and it accurately reflects the hospital treatment people have received over the past year.
“The RUH has been given a highly-creditable 7-star rating, which compares very favourably with other hospitals in the area. The Bristol Royal Infirmary, for example, was awarded 5 stars.
“Despite pressure on staffing levels and staff retention, the RUH has come out strong in many key areas of healthcare.
“According to this guide, we now have 53 doctors per 100 beds, and 136 nurses per 100 beds. The RUH isn’t far off matching staffing levels at the BRI, of 57 doctors per 100 beds, and 159 nurses per 100 beds. In actual fact, following a recent intake of nurses earlier this year, the staffing situation at the RUH has already improved.”
“Even in areas where the RUH is pushed, such as its A&E Department, there’s a healthy percentage of 55% of patients who were admitted, discharged or transferred within 4 hrs of entering the A&E department.
“Staff should be praised for the fact that only 4 out of 1000 patients have made complaints. Over 80% of patients said they had trust and confidence in the doctors and nurses who treated them.
“But this report does nothing to disguise the fact that the NHS desperately needs substantial investment. 53% of patients in England felt that they had waited too long to be admitted, and 58% of patients had been on a waiting list more than 6 months. Like for like, the RUH compares favourably, but the fact is that this comparison takes place within the context of chronic under-funding.”

Notes to Editors follow…

Notes to Editors:

• Dr. Foster produces the only authoritative and independent guides to health services in the public and private sectors. This guide aims to empower healthcare consumers and their doctors to make the best possible choices. It can be viewed at:

• More than one million people use some kind of health service every day. Most people do not realise they have a right to be consulted and exercise some degree of choice in selection of their health service provider.

• Dr Foster works with some of Britain's biggest brand names as an independent organisation. We called the project Dr Foster (after the well known nursery rhyme) because we are committed to making healthcare information as accessible and user-friendly as possible. Dr Foster is not funded by parties with a commercial interest in healthcare, but by private investment.

• Dr Foster works with leading academic partners, including Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, healthcare experts and the providers themselves to produce a series of guides to healthcare in both public and private sectors. Dr Foster works with the help of the Department of Health but is independent, and its code of conduct is monitored by an independent Ethics Committee chaired by Dr Jack Tinker, dean of the Royal Society of Medicine.

• Dr Foster works with some of Britain's biggest brand names to ensure the widest possible distribution of its information in all media. Dr Foster was first launched to the public in January 2001 with publication of the Hospital Guide. This appeared in the Sunday Times as two special supplements and subsequently over the internet and in local newspapers. It is shortly to appear as a book.


This article published: 18/09/2023

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