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Foster backs Campaign Against Widcombe Post Office Closure

Bath MP, Don Foster, has joined with Widcombe local Councillors and Widcombe Residents’ Association, in campaigning against the proposed closure of Widcombe Post Office.

Main ImageDon Foster MP comments: “Thanks to the Liberal Democrat campaign to save rural post offices, we now have a requirement to assess the impact of a rural closure. But the irony is that with urban closures, no-one knows where the axe will fall.

“Consignia is trying to claw back losses of £1.1 billion this year. These losses were caused by decades of the Treasury siphoning off 90% of the Post Office’s profits. Job losses of 17,000 should be expected over the next three years; there will be many more branch closures nationwide, and it’s looking very much like the second post will be scrapped.

“The fact that Widcombe Post Office had become a target for thefts provided Consignia with the best excuse in the world to close the branch down.

“But a post office is an essential part of a vibrant local shopping district and a sense of local community. That’s why we will keep on campaigning against any threats to close post offices in Bath.”

Cllr. Nicole O’Flaherty comments: “We’ve received a petition of over 300 signatures so far, and many more are coming in daily.

“We’re campaigning hard against this closure because many residents rely heavily on this branch - particularly elderly people, families with young children, and people who are socially disadvantaged.

“Now, people will have to walk substantial distances and cross very busy roads to get to another branch. Anyone who’s less mobile will find themselves facing serious inconvenience.

“In addition, we’re very concerned that there may be a ‘knock-on effect’ and other local traders may loose out if people simply bypass Widcombe Parade in order to collect their pension in town.”


This article published: 18/09/2023

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