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The HECA Partnership of NGOs today welcomed Don Foster’s latest initiative in support of increased domestic energy efficiency.

Main ImageMr Foster has responded to an official Treasury consultation on ways to improve energy conservation by supporting the Clean Dozen list of measures to encourage greater energy efficiency being promoted by many NGOs and energy advice centres.

These measures include:

• Setting a firm target of a 20% increase in energy efficiency by 2010,as recommended by the recent Performance and Innovation Unit report to Government;
• Reducing VAT to 5% on energy saving materials, making them cheaper to purchase;
• 50% grants for householders who install advanced technology such as domestic combined heat and power units and heat pumps;
• Stamp duty rebate for people who install energy saving measures after buying a house.

HECA Partnership Organiser Ron Bailey said: ‘By supporting the Clean Dozen Don Foster has demonstrated his support for the environment. CO2 emissions have increased in the last two years so it is very important that MPs like Mr Foster continue to campaign for greater domestic energy efficiency, both the protect the environment and to enable the millions of people living in cold homes to have decent, warm accommodation.

‘We congratulate Mr Foster for taking this initiative.’

Further information from:

Ron Bailey 07951 761229

Supported by: The Association for the Conservation of Energy, Friends of the Earth, The National HECA Forum, the National Right to Fuel Campaign, Help the Aged, SHELTER, National Campaign for Homeless People, UNISON, National Energy Action, the National Housing Federation, SERA, the Green Liberal Democrats, the Tory Green Initiative, the Green Party, British Energy Efficiency Federation, The Cornwall Local Authority Support Programme, CIGA, TRANSCO


This article published: 11/12/2023

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