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NHS Reform Changes – An open letter to the Bath Chronicle from Don Foster MP

June 8, 2023 by admin in News

Dear Sir,

A number of Bath’s residents have raised serious concerns with me about the government’s proposed NHS reforms. These concerns have been echoed by medical professionals and many others across the country.

I have received over 250 emails and letters on this issue reinforcing just how much the residents of the city care about the NHS.

I am proud that Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have listened and importantly, acted. The Liberal Democrats have long argued the NHS is in need of reform, but the government can only change such an important national institution if it has the confidence of the people and professionals to do so.

The Liberal Democrats raised major concerns at our Spring Conference in March and Nick Clegg and his colleagues then argued in Government for significant changes to the plans.

In particular we want to ensure there is no privatisation of the NHS and no special favours for the private sector. We want a level playing field, not a race to the bottom. We want to make sure the pace of change is slowed down to ensure reforms are not rushed into, and to ensure the NHS is properly accountable, both nationally and locally.

I am confident that the Government will make the necessary changes.

Yours sincerely

The Rt. Hon. Don Foster MP