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BBC should not harm local and regional broadcasting - Foster

January 25, 2024 by admin in Don in Parliament, News

Commenting on Chairman of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten’s speech at the Oxford Media Convention, Bath MP and Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party Committee on Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, Don Foster said:

“Lord Patten gets the final word and with it he says what we’ve all been thinking.

“The BBC won’t improve itself by stripping away some of its most valued work. Seven million people listen to BBC local radio across the UK and it is a lifeline for older people and the disabled.

“We can’t expect easy solutions to the BBC’s challenges but it should be possible to meet them without harming local radio and regional TV.”

Don Foster MP joins call for more time on Daylight Savings Bill

January 25, 2024 by admin in Don in Parliament, News

The Daylight Saving Bill was derailed by a small group of MPs on Friday but pressure is growing on the government to give the bill a fair hearing. Bath MP, Don Foster has joined scores of other politicians and organisations calling for more parliamentary time to see it through.

The Bill would mandate the government to conduct a comprehensive review of the costs and benefits of putting clocks forward an hour throughout the UK, resulting in lighter evenings every day of the year. If this concludes that a change would be beneficial, the government will run a three-year trial of the new system, subject to consent from the devolved governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Even with huge support from over 140 MPs at Friday’s debate, a couple of politicians were able to block the bill by simply running down the clock and “talking out” the Bill.

Commenting, Don Foster said:

“The will of the House was for the Daylight Saving Bill to proceed. I, and many of my colleagues, set aside Friday to attend the debate after receiving a huge number of letters of support from Bath residents.

“Despite overwhelming support, a tiny minority employed wrecking tactics to scupper the Bill. It’s imperative the Government give the Bill more time - so it can have the hearing it deserves”

10:10′s Lighter Later campaign has been leading the campaign for clock change. The campaign has the backing of over 90 organisations working on an enormous range of issues, from sport and tourism to, road safety and environmental protection.

Daniel Vockins, Lighter Later Campaign Manager said:

“The support we saw on Friday is pretty unprecedented when it comes to a Private Members Bill. It’s imperative the government gives the Bill more time”.

Live music red tape likely to be relaxed

January 20, 2024 by admin in Don in Parliament, News

Legislation which will make it easier for small venues to host live music has been cleared in the House of Commons.

The private member’s bill, introduced by Liberal Democrat Don Foster, will lift some of the bureaucracy imposed on gigs by the 2003 Licensing Act.

It means many venues will no longer need to pay for a licence to host live music between 08:00 and 23:00.

The bill passed unopposed and will have to go back to the House Of Lords briefly before becoming law.

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