Don Foster MP

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Don signs EDM 2522 urging the government to keep 5 a side football VAT free

Don Foster has urged the government to keep 5 a-side football leagues VAT free. He believes the proposed introduction of standard rate of VAT to the provision of five-a-side football leagues will be damaging to participation in sport. Don has signed EDM 2522 on the issue:

That this House believes that the decision by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to apply the standard rate of VAT to the provision of five-a-side football leagues will be damaging to participation in sport; notes that the decision affects schools and communities that are recipients of free access to high quality football facilities provided by operators of five-a-side football leagues; further believes that five-a-side football should be encouraged, given its contribution to the Olympic and Paralympic sporting participation goals, particularly as participation in five-a-side football is currently far higher than participation in 11-a-side football; and calls on the Government to instruct HMRC to continue to apply VAT-exempt status to the provision of five-a-side football leagues, as has been the case for more than 20 years.

Don has signed EDM 2539 in support of the proof of age standards scheme (PASS)

That this House supports CitizenCard, Young Scot, Validate and other cards bearing the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) hologram which should enable young adults to access age-restricted premises and goods across the UK; notes that although the police, trading standards and retail organisations support PASS, the Home Office states that licensees can decide for themselves whether to accept PASS cards; and calls on the Government to bring forward proposals to oblige licensees to recognise PASS cards alongside photo card driving licences as valid identification.

Don has signed EDM 2318 on Depleted Uranium Weapons Renewal

That this House notes that the British Army maintains depleted uranium (DU) munitions within its arsenal and that 2.3 tonnes of DU rounds were fired by UK forces during the 1991 and 2003 Iraq conflicts; recognises the potential risk to health and the environment that accompanies the use of these weapons; appreciates the costs and technical difficulties associated with managing sites and material contaminated by their use; further notes that UK radioactive waste discharge policy is based on both the precautionary and polluter pays principles and that international pressure over the use of DU is increasing; further recognises that using munitions that leave a toxic legacy is particularly inappropriate in contemporary peacekeeping and humanitarian operations; is aware that CHARM3, the UK’s only remaining operational DU round, is no longer manufactured and that its propellant charges are due to expire in 2013; further notes that the UK has options beyond re-licensing or re-developing the existing charge, or replacing the current ammunition with a new DU round; and calls on the Government to take this opportunity to cease using DU in its kinetic energy ammunition.