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Don Foster signs EDM 2437 - WORLD AIDS DAY 2011

Don Foster signs EDM 2437 - WORLD AIDS DAY 2011. It reads:

That this House notes, 30 years on from the first officially reported cases of HIV, the importance of World Aids Day 2011 on 1 December; welcomes the significant treatment advances which mean that many people with HIV are now living long and active lives; further notes that despite this medical progress, attitudes to HIV have not moved on to the same extent, with one in three people living with HIV in the UK reporting discrimination related to their HIV status; welcomes the Government’s recognition of the damaging effect of stigma; further notes that the Government has provided much needed and welcome support to tackle stigma relating to mental health; and calls on the Government to take similar action to address HIV-related stigma, developing an explicit and strategic plan to reduce HIV-related stigma as an integral part of our national response to the epidemic.

Don Signs EDM 2444 on Sepp Blatter comments

That this House condemns the unacceptable and offensive remarks made by the President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter; recognises that his comments have attracted the condemnation of both anti-racism campaigners andall sections of this House; believes that the comments have made his position untenable and that world football needs new leadership; further recognises that he is in conflict with FIFA’s policy of zero tolerance and this conduct demonstrates that he has no understanding of what racism is, the ideology behind it, the damage it causes and how it denotes one group of people as inferior; further believes that enlightened leadership at this level is needed and a clear message delivered that racism is not a minor matter and cannot be dismissed and trivialised; and therefore calls on Sepp Blatter to resign with immediate effect.

Don Foster signs EDM 2327 on self immolations in Tibet

The full EDM reads:

That this House is greatly saddened by the disturbing news of 10 incidents of self-immolation in eastern Tibet by young Tibetan monks, former monks and a nun, five tragically losing their lives; condemns the Chinese government’s ongoing repression in Tibet that serves to exacerbate the frustration and desperation felt by the Tibetan people; calls on the Prime Minister to make a public statement of concern about this grave situation; and further calls on the Government to make urgent representations to the Chinese government to urge that it takes measures to ease the situation by withdrawing its troops from Kirti monastery, to verify the condition and whereabouts of the monks who have disappeared since self-immolating, to allow international independent observers to visit the region and to respect the fundamental human rights of the Tibetan people including the right freely to practise their religion.