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The Lib Dems: Cut taxes for ordinary people, not the richest

September 14, 2023 by admin in News

The Lib Dems are opposing calls for an immediate cut in the 50% tax rate paid by higher rate taxpayers.

Nick Clegg’s party instead wants to give more help to those on middle and low incomes who need it the most.

Lib Dem Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said, “At a time when the whole country faces serious financial challenges, the priority needs to be people on low and middle incomes.”

A key part of the coalition agreement was the Lib Dem commitment to making taxes fairer. The Lib Dems are well on their way to delivering on their pledge that no one should pay tax on the first £10,000 they earn.

Nearly a million low paid workers are no longer paying income tax thanks to this. All basic rate tax payers are paying £200 less in income tax.

Each year more and more people on low and middle incomes will gain more thanks to the Lib Dem fairer tax plan.

Danny Alexander said, “Fairer taxes is our goal. I don’t see why, in the next parliament, we shouldn’t be trying to get to a situation where people in a full-time job on the minimum wage are paying no income tax at all.”

This would mean that no one would pay tax on the first £12,500 they earn.

Commenting Don Foster said, “We should be cutting taxes for ordinary people, not the very richest. I am proud that Liberal Democrats in government are delivering a fairer tax system which help those who really need it”.

Don slams rail fare hike for Bath’s commuters

September 14, 2023 by admin in News

Don Foster MP has today slammed the government’s decision to hike rail fares by inflation plus 3 % from January 2012. This hike will affect Bath’s residents, many of whom regularly commute to neighbouring towns and cities.

The UK rail fares are the highest in the world[i] and the Bath corridor is no exception. The increase will see fares being increased by 28% by the end of this parliament in 2015.

Commenting Don Foster said, “I am deeply concerned how this hike in rail fares will affect Bath’s residents. We are already paying too much and it cannot be justified to put up our fares further still.

He continued, “This is bad for passengers, bad for the economy, bad for the environment and also bad for the residents of Bath. Fares need to be made simpler, more transparent and more affordable”.


Notes to editor:

1) Don Foster has signed EDM 1577 calling on the government to live up to the coalition agreement which to review rail fare increases - the full text can be found at

[i] Campaign for Better Transport <ahref=””>

Lib Dems to propose big fines for newspapers who break conduct codes

September 14, 2023 by admin in News

Party to debate media regulation at conference after demands for change in wake of phone-hacking scandal

Heavy fines large enough to change media executives’ behaviour should be imposed on errant newspapers by a new independent press regulator, the Liberal Democrats are to propose.

The new regulatory body would be required to “impose appropriate sanctions against proprietors, editors and journalists guilty of breaching the code; such as financial penalties that are large enough to act as a deterrent, and the power to ensure that apologies and retractions are given due prominence”. It also calls for a strengthening of the rules on fit and proper ownership, to ensure corporations as a whole are held to account and not just senior individuals within them.

Don Foster, the Liberal Democrat culture spokesman, said: “We can’t continue having periodic crises of confidence in the media.

“This motion outlines a broad vision of what media regulation should look like. It seeks to establish Lib Dem priorities without prejudicing the Leveson inquiry’s eventual findings.

“We have heard enough empty condemnations from politicians who used to be in bed with press barons. Now is the time to talk about fundamental reform.”

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