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August 18, 2023 by admin in News

Don Foster signed EDM 1777 that states:

That this House believes that it is vitally important to involve local authorities in efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable energy in their area; notes that the Sustainable Energy (Local Plans) Bill, introduced by a cross-party group of hon. Members, will set in motion that process by giving councils a greater role in drawing up and implementing sustainable energy plans that will help combat climate change, protect energy security and alleviate fuel poverty; and therefore supports the measures in the Bill and hopes they will be enacted soon.


August 18, 2023 by admin in News

Don Foster signed EDM 1793 that states:

That this House supports the protection and restoration of playing fields across the country to help inspire a generation to play sport as part of the mass participation legacy of theLondon 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games; welcomes and further supports the ongoing work of Sport England and Fields in Trust to protect playing fields; and encourages community groups, clubs and sports organisations in every part of the country to apply to the new National Lottery Fund to bringmore playing fields back to life.

Don Foster signs EDM 1408: ROYAL MAIL (No. 2)

August 18, 2023 by admin in News

Don Foster signed EDM 1408 that states:

leave out from `blind’ to end and add `congratulates the Government on seeking to introduce new and stronger protections for the minimum requirements through the Postal Services Bill, such as the requirement that Ofcom must conduct a review of user needs and make recommendations to the Secretary of State before any change can be proposed and the requirement that Parliament would have to scrutinise and approve any proposals for change through the affirmative procedure; notes that these protections were not included in Labour’s Postal Services Bill 2009, or the Postal Services Act 2000; welcomes the Government’s statement that it has no intention of reducing the minimum requirements; and finally notes emphatically that the Bill does not require Ofcom to review the minimum requirements within 18 months but instead requires that it reviews the detail of the wider products and services that form the universal service order within 18 months, as Postcomm currently does, and that this absolutely cannot lead to a change in the minimum requirements