Don Foster MP


Protection of Freedoms Act landmark achievement in fight for civil liberties – Foster

A landmark move to roll back Labour’s surveillance state has this week become law.

The Protection of Freedoms Act will:

  • stop councils snooping
  • end the storage of DNA of innocent people
  • reduce the bureaucracy of CRB checks
  • end 28-day detention
  • stop schools deciding on their own to take fingerprints of children
  • Make stalking a criminal offence
  • End wheel clamping on private land
  • Delete historical convictions for men who have had consensual gay sex with someone who was over 16

Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for this piece of legislation, proposing a “Freedom Bill” more than four years ago when Nick Clegg was the Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesman.

Commenting, Don Foster MP said:

“This is a milestone in the fight to claw back our civil liberties. Under the Labour government, our civil liberties were steadily eroded by increasingly over-bearing security state.

“Liberal Democrats have done the right thing by ending these shameful practices with the Protection of Freedoms Act. It builds on the scrapping of the ID card scheme and the destruction of the National Identity Register and is a leap forward in bringing Labour’s surveillance state to an end.

“This Act will stop councils from putting CCTV cameras everywhere to snoop on residents without good reason, ending Labour’s laws that allowed them to spy on us whenever they wanted.

“The Freedoms Act will also help boost to volunteering in Bath by ending overburdening requirements to get a CRB check. The new regime will be more targeted and sensible, for example by allowing CRB checks to be transferred between jobs to cut down on bureaucracy.”