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Don Foster, Liberal Democrat MP for Bath, speaks for the party nationally on Transport, Local Government and the Regions.

Conference Agenda and Don’s Conference Diary, Lib Dem Autumn Conference, 22 – 26 September, 2002, Brighton
Don has a packed conference agenda - including meetings with Charles Kennedy and Bob Kiley, and an interview with Guardian Unlimited!

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Highlights from Don’s Conference Diary:


Meeting Charles Kennedy

Interview with Guardian Unlimited

Business Forum Dinner


Airport Debate

Speaking at Fringe Meeting: “Working Together to Improve Public Transport”, hosted by Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority

Speaking at Fringe Meeting: “The Implications of Reforming the Planning System”

Leading Briefing on Regional Government, hosted by Local Government Association.

Meeting Bob Kiley

Discussion on The Recommendations of the Commission on Local Governance, hosted by LGIU.

LGA Reception

Speaking at Fringe Meeting: Regional Government, hosted by the Chard Group.

Western Regions Reception

Joint Health Reception


Recalling of Parliament - Don to attend House of Commons debate on military action in Iraq.


Speaking at Fringe Meeting: Issues surrounding public services, hosted by Unison.

Meeting with Lydd Airport Chief Executive: Aviation and Transport Policy

Leading Briefing Session: Local Government Finance, arranged by LGA

Speaking at Fringe Meeting: What future for the railways?, hosted by Association of Lib Dem Engineers/Scientists.

Speaking at Fringe Meeting: Regional Government - the Lib Dem response to the Government’s plans, hosted by the Association of Lib Dem Councillors.


Speech by Rt. Hon. Charles Kennedy MP

Close of Conference

Conference Agenda:

Monday’s Debates/Speeches:

It’s About Freedom - Liberal Democrat Policy Paper - Rt. Hon. Alan Beith MP, Deputy Leader

Speech by Matthew Taylor MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Tackling the UK Airport Crisis - Tom Brake MP, Parliamentary Spokesman on Transport

Maintaining Post Office Services - David Heath MP

Rural Futures - the Liberal Democrat Rural Affairs Policy Paper - Rt.

The Place of Archaeology in UK society - Lord Redesdale, Lords Spokesperson on Archaeology

Parliamentary Parties’ Reports - Andrew Stunell MP, Chief Whip, House of Commons; Lord Roper, Chief Whip, House of Lords, Nick Clegg, Chief Whip, Lib Dem Group, European Parliament

Tuesday’s Debates/Speeches:

Electoral Abuse and Vote Rigging

The Future of Broadcasting - Nick Harvey MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

Speech by Rt. Hon. Jim Wallace QC MSP, Deputy First Minister of Scottish Executive; Leader of Scottish Liberal Democrats

Identity Cards - Richard Allan MP

Justice and the Community - Simon Hughes MP, Shadow Home Secretary

Speech by Michael German AM, Deputy First Minister of Welsh Executive

Child Support Reform - Steve Webb MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Wednesday’s Debates/Speeches:

Emergency Motions

Organ Donation - Trevor Escott

Quality, Innovation, Choice: Reform of Public Services - Matthew Taylor MP, Shadow Chancellor

Speech by Dr. Vince Cable MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry

Foundation for the Future - Further Education - Phil Willis MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education and Skills

Speech by David Ford MLA, Leader of Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

Mental Health - Dr. Evan Harris MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health

Speech by Dorothy Thornhill, Mayor of Watford

Maritime Policy and Armed Robbery Against Ships - Andrew Hudson

Gibraltar - mover of motion to be announced

Thursday’s Debates/Speeches:

Trafficking in Human Beings - Trevor Escott

Eye Care and Visual Impairment - David Heath MP

Abuse of Elderly Persons - Jacqueline Bell

Pensions Justice for Women - Steve Webb MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Speech by Rt. Hon. Charles Kennedy MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Printed (hosted) by David Bellotti on behalf of Don Foster (Liberal Democrat) both at 31 James Street West, Bath BA1 2BT.