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The Young Ones

April 11, 2023 by admin in News

The average age of a Bath and North East Somerset Councillor could be significantly reduced in four weeks time thanks to a crop of new young candidates.

In the Somer Valley area the Liberal Democrat Party has recruited one of its youngest set of candidates ever, in a bid to offer something new to voters.

Radstock, Westfield, Paulton, Timsbury, Clutton and Peasedown St John will all have candidates between the ages of 18 and 26.

Adam Taylor, 24, has been selected by the Party to stand in his native Paulton. He commented:

“I grew up in Paulton so know the village extremely well, and joined the party last year in the run up to the General Election. I’m pleased to say I have never looked back and have enjoyed working with other people my age.

I’ve also enjoyed making a difference in Paulton over the last six months. It’s a great village to live in and has so much potential.”

The Lib Dems’ youngest candidate is 18 year old Gabby Durham who will be standing with Cllr Simon Allen in Radstock. She decided to become active in local politics after a visit to Peasedown St John. She said:

“I wasn’t really politically active when I was younger, but always generally supported the Lib Dems because they seemed to be the best at getting things done in the local area.

Everything changed for me when I was visiting friends in Peasedown St John last year and met the local Lib Dem Councillors. I was so impressed by their community work and dedication that I decided to follow suit and try and make a difference myself.”

The young party candidates standing in the Somer Valley are:

  • Gabby Durham, 18, Radstock
  • Lesley Clarke, 20, Westfield
  • Adam Taylor, 24, Paulton
  • Debby Tarrant, 25, Paulton
  • Rob Attwood, 22, Timsbury
  • Jeremy Sparks, 25, Clutton
  • Nathan Hartley, 26, Peasedown St John

Elsewhere in B&NES, 21 year old Sam Lawes will stand for the Party in Keynsham South. Whilst 24 year old Nicholas Coombes will stand in Bathwick, 23 year old Ben Stevens in Widcombe and 25 year old Matt Hemsley in Westmoreland.

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