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This is open season on the Murdochs: Foster

July 27, 2023 by admin in News

Liberal Democrat Don Foster says people are no longer concerned about coverage in the Murdoch press and questions are finally being asked.

“ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: To discuss the parliamentary hearings into the phone-hacking scandal, here is Liberal Democrat spokesman on culture, media and sport, Don Foster. Don Foster, thank you for talking to Lateline.


ALI MOORE: Everyone is waiting to hear from the Murdochs and also from Rebekah Brooks. This is the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee’s big moment. Is it up to the job?

DON FOSTER: I think it is. There are real questions that have to be asked about what happened to any evidence that they uncover.
But the key thing for the committee at the moment is to be asking, for example, Rebekah Brooks, who said a week ago there was more to come. What more is to come? Everybody expects some further revelations. They need to be asking James Murdoch, who signed off cheques to various people who had had their phones hacked and admitted he didn’t really know the details of why he was signing the cheques, does he now know?
To Rupert Murdoch, of course, the head of this global empire, what exactly has he been doing since he arrived in the UK? Because his opening words were that his key task was to save Rebekah Brooks.”

You can read the full transcript of the interview here