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War Crimes cover-up raised in Parliament by Bath MP Don Foster

September 23, 2023 by admin in News

On 16th October 1975, two British television newsmen were murdered by the Indonesian Military, along with three Australian reporters, at Balibo in East Timor. For many years the British, US and Australian governments declared that the newsmen died by accident, and refused to hear any evidence to the contrary. Why?

This is the question that Don Foster MP has been asking in the House of Commons since 1997. Ten years on, an Australian-based inquest was opened into the murder of Bristol-born journalist Brian Peters; and then in 2009 the Australian Federal Police finally announced a War Crimes investigation into the deaths of the men who became known as the ‘Balibo Five’.

On Friday 30th September at 8:00pm the Bath Amnesty Group is screening ‘Balibo’, the movie, at The Little Theatre Cinema, Bath. Based on the true story, the thriller uncovers the truth behind the murders of the five journalists. Don Foster will be speaking about his 14-year campaign for justice, and the British Government’s role in the cover-up.

Commenting, Don said: “Throughout the world, journalists and bloggers are subject to assault, imprisonment and murder for their attempts to expose the truth. As an MP and a member of Amnesty International I am glad to be able to stand up for those who are forcibly silenced. We should never forget the value of our right to freedom of expression, and to use it wisely.”

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