Don Foster MP


We must do more to reduce fuel poverty in Bath - Foster

May 22, 2023 by Don Foster MP in Don in Bath, News, News.

The 2012 Annual Report on Fuel Poverty Statistics shows that in the UK, fuel poverty fell from 5.5m households in 2009 to 4.75m in 2010.

The report shows that in 2010, 5,386 households in Bath were in fuel poverty, which means they spent more than 10% of their income in order to keep warm.

Commenting on the report, Don Foster MP said:

“It is good news that fuel poverty went down in 2010 but we shouldn’t be complacent. With the rises in energy price rises in the last few years, many households have been struggling to keep warm in Bath. We must continue to work hard towards eliminating fuel poverty in the city.

“I encourage everyone who is eligible to apply to the Warm Front scheme, which will provide insulation and heating improvements to reduce costs and keep people warm ahead of next winter. I also call on every household to use price comparison tools to switch to the cheapest energy provider and reduce their bills.”

Commenting further, Councillor David Martin (Liberal Democrat, Bathwick), B&NES Member Champion for Energy and Climate Change, added:

“Another opportunity to tackle fuel poverty is through the Coalition Government’s Green Deal. From the autumn, every household will be able to insulate their houses without any upfront outlay as the costs will be covered through savings on energy bills – this is a key principle of the scheme.

“The Green Deal will help cut energy bills, create jobs and help create a greener economy and I’m really pleased that the Liberal Democrat-run Council in Bath has set aside funding to prepare for the Green Deal.”